Relic Hunters Legend Revealed in First Trailer

Relic Hunters Zero managed to build itself a good sized fan-base by being a great little action-roguelike with the price tag of Free.  Despite its nonexistent cost the game still gets regular updates over two years since release without a microtransaction to be found.  Relic Hunters Zero is a straight-up action game where you head into the levels to shoot space-ducks and turtles while grabbing all the loot you can find, but there was more to the story and world than a simple (but fun!) shoot-fest.  Relic Hunter Legend was recently announced and it’s expanding  into an action-RPG with full co-op online play, building out the world of Zero in every direction.

Relic Hunters Legend uses the first game as a base band then adds online co-op, vertical aspects to the levels, support for 4K resolutions at whatever framerate your hardware can manage, various undefined RPG systems, new characters and enemies, and a super-sharp art style.  All this comes with a slight disclaimer, in that like the first game Relic Hunters Legend is going to be a freebie, but unlike the original it will also be supported with microtransactions.  The promise is that the game can be fully enjoyed by anyone who wants to check it out without spending a cent, and the developer’s work on Zero has earned them the benefit of a doubt.  There’s also a Kickstarter slated to begin October 5, which should have more details when it launches.  In the meantime the first part of a three-part comic was released at Rogue Snail’s web site, setting up the plot for the game.  It’s a big push for a small studio that’s done good work in the past, and it should be fun to watch the pieces come together over the next several months.  While waiting for everything to kick off, though, the trailer below gives a nicely detailed look at the action to come.