Resident Evil 7 ‘Not A Hero’ DLC Information Leaked

Recently, Capcom gave a release date for the upcoming free DLC for Resident Evil 7 called ‘Not a Hero’. Starring Chris Redfield, information had been nil for a few months about this releasing. Today, a rumor came from a reddit user leaking information and spoilers galore about the upcoming DLC. The way I see it, if you’re afraid of being spoiled about Resident Evil 7 by now, you probably won’t play the game. Thus, Chris Redfield makes an appearance at the end of the main story.

According to the post, Chris Redfield arrives with Umbrella Soldiers to hunt down Lucas Baker, the son of the Baker Family. The DLC will begin immediately after the end of Resident Evil 7’s main campaign. The user claims that players will witness Ethan Winters for the first time during the beginning. The idea behind the DLC is getting thru Lucas’ games and unlocking evidence which will show why the Bakers were the target of the phenomenon in the game. The DLC will feature White Molded that are able to spew toxic gas. More importantly, this will link directly to the events of Resident Evil 8. Check out the thread above in the link.