First Gameplay Trailer Revealed for WWE 2K18

During the September 18 edition of Monday Night Raw, wrestling fans got their first gameplay peak of WWE 2K18. It showcases some impressive entrances for Nakamura, The Undertaker, and Bobby Roode. The biggest showcase was for the backstage brawling and revamped throwing system that allows you to toss enemies over the top rope. Ambulance usage was shown with Braun and Roman – which should make recreating some of their matches a lot of fun. AJ Styles and Baron Corbin were shown in a parking lot brawl, with AJ doing the Styles Clash on a car. It looks like moves onto a car will basically be what would normally be done on an announce table. WWE 2K18 is available for pre-order now – and doing so ensures you will be able to play as Kurt Angle when the game is released on October 17 – or on October 13 for those who get the deluxe edition.