HyperX Shows Off Newest Cloud Alpha Headset

For players who want to get the best sound quality around for their games, there is no shortage of high quality options out there. HyperX is one of these companies who is recognized by the eSports community, and there are quite a number of elite players who can be seen wearing this brand in tournaments. HyperX keeps tweaking their headset designs in the continued pursuit of making higher sound quality for games more accessible. They recently revealed their newest headset in their Cloud series, the Cloud Alpha, at Gamescom in Germany at the end of August and Hardcore Gamer recently got to spend some time discussing their newest product and got to spend a little time getting some hands on exposure to this headset.

The most notable new feature on the Cloud Alpha is the dual chambers inside the earcuffs. The functional purpose of this design choice is to separate the bass frequencies from the highs and mids to allow for greater distinction in frequency for the listener. Additionally, this design reduces distortion at higher volumes. After this explanation I was able to listen to a sampling of some popular music that was selected based on its high quality production. While this was not my typical listening choice, the Cloud Alpha did allow for great articulation on every note making it easy to pick out the different instruments.

The Cloud Alpha features 50 mm drivers which seem to be turning into the standard for mid to high end headsets. This headset utilizes high quality memory foam and a soft leatherette headband over a lightweight aluminum frame designed for comfort during extended play sessions at home as well as heated professional eSports tournaments. During a brief presentation at an event I can’t speak for the comfort over several hours of playtime but based on the short time it did feel comfortable and lightweight. The open design of the aluminum does reduce the weight of the light headset and does allow better airflow in addition to looking slick.

It also features a detachable with inline volume controls and the ability to mute the microphone. The Cloud Alpha is compatible with PC, Mac, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 4 Pro, Xbox One, Xbox One S, Nintendo Switch and mobile and VR devices. The caveat with the compatibility with all these devices is that they need to possess a 3.5mm input jack, though an adapter can be purchased for Xbox One controllers who do not have one. This is a definite advantage to someone who plays across multiple platforms and doesn’t want to clutter their game space with a different headset for every day of the week.

The Cloud Alpha releases on September 25 with a retail price of $99.99. HyperX’s approach to headset design is based on a philosophy of delivering the highest quality and greatest immersion without getting their price point into the stratosphere. Some of the bells and whistles found on other expensive sets might not be included in HyperX models, but the sheer sound quality their headsets provide make them a good option for players who want good sound without breaking the bank, especially since it can be used on multiple consoles.