Serious Sam: The Last Hope Blasts Out of Early Access

When Serious Sam: The Last Hope launched last year it was a fun little VR arena shooter, a little light on content but still with the Serious Sam trademark carnage to pump up the action.  Since then it’s grown a bit at a time, with new features, planets, and stages being added to Sam’s shooting gallery, and as of today it’s finally escaped Early Access.  The final update adds a good chunk of new content in the form of randomized stages, a Serious Sammy female character (with a nicely badass character design), and the usual assortment of bug-fixes and game tweaks one would expect from finalizing a game into a 1.0 state.  The new content takes the four stages of the five planets and gives a random assortment of enemies to tear through, with Arena being four waves long, Endless taking exactly as long to complete as the name implies, and the Daily Challenge being a score-run with a new shot at the top every day.  It took eleven months from the start of Early Access to full release, with new planets, multiplayer, and plenty of game-changing systems put in place, and the result is a massive dose of dual-weilding carnage in the classic Serious Sam tradition.