Head-Banging Music Rhythm Hitting Switch with First Gal-Metal Trailer

There’s nothing Earth can provide space-faring aliens that they don’t have already when it comes to tech or other physical goods. Entertainment, on the other hand, is something humans are quite good at, so after a little abduction to collect a band of hard-rocking high school girls it’s time to kick back to the pure musical power of metal.  The five girls consist of a lead guitarist, two bassists, one on keyboard, and the player using the motion-controls on the drums.  While details are still forthcoming, with the official site having a countdown timer at the time of this writing, the trailer below shows things in action complete with weird almost-english words popping up during the chains.  (I’ve got no idea what an “entersand” is but am looking forward to finding out.)  Below the gameplay trailer is the teaser, though, which has a look, attitude, and energy all its own.  Check them both out and get ready to bang the virtual drums like a Japanese metal goddess.