New Mode, Map, and More With LawBreakers 1.4 Patch

Boss Key Productions LawBreakers is a surprisingly good time that rewards skill over anything else. It’s one of those that just begs for just one more match whenever I find a groove. That’s why it’s incredibly cool to see a new map and game mode get added so soon after release. It’s available right now and is, of course, a free download for owners of the game.

First up is the new map, Namsan. The video below shows it off in a better way than I can describe. However, it seems to almost be a direct answer to  criticism leveled at the original maps in that the design played it too safe. Namsan does not, seeming to capitalize on the verticality that is LawBreakers strongest suit.

The new skirmish mode should also be interesting. They’re starting off with Team Deathmatch, which wasn’t an option before, but are stating that this is a limited time mode, with new ones to cycle in. I’m very curious to check this out. The developers have also released a separate video explaining everything else that’s being tweaked with the massive update. Check it out below.