Old Habits Die Hard in RE7’s Latest Not A Hero Gameplay

Though brief, Capcom have provided some further glimpses into the gameplay of the upcoming (and long-awaited) Not A Hero DLC for Resident Evil 7, which takes place straight after the events of the base game. Taking the role of series-protagonist Chris Redfield, it looks like the former S.T.A.R.S & BSAA member — now working for the previously-villainous Umbrella Corporation — is up to his old tricks as the fists are most certainly out and flying as the character combats a swarm of Molded enemies, as well as a completely new variant as well. You’ll be pleased (or perhaps disappointed) to know that no boulders were harmed, or even present, during the making of this footage.

Not A Hero will be available alongside the release of Resident Evil 7: Gold Edition on December 12 across PS4, Xbox One & PC. Check out the brief gameplay video below.