Preschool Fans Can Enjoy the New Pokémon Playhouse App

Pokémon fans come in all ages! Now, even the youngest can start their journeys with the brand new Pokémon Playhouse app. Children ages 3 to 5 will enjoy various activities featuring all sorts of Pokémon partners.

The Playhouse shows off a very adorable style that appeal to youngsters. They can discover new Pokémon while getting a head start on their educational lessons. Remember different shapes of Pokémon, read stories, create music and learn to take care of your Pokémon. You will also get to hatch eggs and befriend over 50 Pokémon!

There are even bits of details that veteran fans will appreciate. Nowadays, older fans of the series are starting families of their own which will allow them to expose children to Pokémon at an early age. Everyone will be able to bond through their love of Pokémon. Download the new app for iOS and Android devices!