Learn How to Steal a Starship in Heat Signature’s Launch Trailer

The problem with spaceships is that they’re big and expensive, heavily armed, and harbor all sorts of items, people, and intel.  There’s any number of reasons why a professional infiltrator would want to sneak in to a spaceship s/he shouldn’t have access to, and an equal number of possible rewards for doing it.  Heat Signature lets you do bad things to deserving starships by sneaking on to them, getting into all sorts of trouble, then pausing the action whenever necessary figure a way out of the mess you’ve caused.  The game is played from a top-down perspective like a less-bloody (but no less violent) sci-fi Hotline Miami, but the pause function lets you get into and out of more trouble.  The trailer below shows off the feature’s possible uses, such as using the Swapper to change positions with a guard so that, directly after he fires at you, he gets a taste of his own bullet.  There’s a huge galaxy full of missions to conquer, and even a unique power-up available in special ships for the first two weeks after launch.  Check out the trailer below to get a sense of how it all fits together, and get ready to infiltrate anything that has the misfortune to fly across your path.