Ruiner Shows Off Intense Boss Bounties in New Trailer

So Devolver Digital seems to have a potential massive hit their hands with Ruiner, their top-down action game due out next week. It aims to deliver a tun of good cyberpunk thrills, but while it has definitely delivered in the action area so far, can it also provide the kind of colorful characters a genre like cyberpunk is known for? Well, if their new “Boss Bounties” trailer is anything to go by, not only will there be interesting characters for you to check out, but you’ll get to blow them away as well (if you’re lucky)!

As seen below, you’ll be engaging in some notable boss battles against cyborgs, war criminals, Triad members, and massive machines with advanced A.I. And  as evidenced by how fast and chaotic things are, you’re going to need to master your skills if you want to succeed. Ruiner will be hitting PC, XB1, and PS4 on September 26, so hopefully that gives you enough time to try and prepare for formidable foes such as these.