Skyrim Digital Funko Pop!s Added to Quidd App

Let out your biggest Fus Ro Dah yet in celebration for Skyrim Pop! figures being added to Quidd. Fans have enjoyed he open world RPG for years now. It’s even receiving a Nintendo Switch version to boost its reach and popularity once again! Until then, fans can start collecting some digital collectibles!

Quidd has revealed a few different characters you can find. Alduin, the harbinger of the apocalypse, is the only dragon figure. Dovakiin, the Dragonborn and hero of Skyrim, is depicted in the game’s iconic helmet. Both a Daedric Warrior and Whiterun Guard can be collected as long as nobody takes an arrow to the knee. There are only four at this current time with more sure to come in the future.

Watch the skies traveler and the Quidd app for your chance to grab the Skyrim Pop! figures. If you can’t find any, try your luck at trades with other users. Download Quidd now and check out the images below to start your collection!