Beautiful Puzzler Engare Gets Launch Trailer, Release Date

Complicated patterns are frequently simpler than they look.  Take a line, apply some basic geometric calculations, and repeat into a pleasing shape.  Engare is a game about linework and motion, creating intricacy from a few basic moves.  Admitted, once you’ve got a handful of moving parts all connected to each other it gets hard to predict fairly quickly, but “a line drawn off the rotating stick placed on the end of another rotating stick” isn’t that hard to describe even if the results are mesmerizing.

Engare is divided into two primary modes- game and drawing tool.  The game gives you a basic shape to recreate from the moving parts, finding the order hidden in what seems to be chaos.  The trailer below shows off a couple of these puzzles, with the second one providing a bit more detail.  You’ve got a circle rolling around the edge of another circle, both the same size, and the pattern you need to make is shown in the green box up top.  After a few false starts the pattern kicks in, and then transforms into an elaborate spirograph that’s embellished with color at the end of the sequence.  The drawing tool, on the other hand, lets you play with the patterns at your own speed.  You can use the game to learn the tools or dive in and experiment to your heart’s content, exporting the images or 3D models depending on what you throw together.  There are truly beautiful patterns hiding in the the geometric results of simple movements, and it only takes a bit of experimentation to find them.