WWE 2K18 “Be Like No One” Trailer Debuts on WWE No Mercy Pay-Per-View

WWE 2K18 is prepped for a release on the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC soon. WWE hyped the game up on its No Mercy pay-per-view event with an incredible trailer featuring Snoop Dogg singing “Be Like No One”. Beyond showcasing legends like Ric Flair and showing modern-day stars like Roman Reigns and Finn Balor, it also revealed the Hardys as playable characters with a shot of them in their Reborn attire.  Seth Rollins is the game’s cover superstar, and with him now part of the revamped Shield team with Dean Ambrose, it’s a great time for the game to be released. His new Raintrigger finisher is also shown here as well – so they’re doing their best to make sure the game is as current as possible when it comes out on October 17. Those who buy the deluxe edition on consoles can play it four days early too.