Zelda DLC Coming to Monster Hunter Stories This Thursday

Since its release Monster Hunter Stories has steadily been receiving some of the free DLC updates, including optional side quests and items to be earned, but now the first big DLC drop is soon on its way. This DLC includes a brand new armor set for the main character which lets both male and female riders dress up as their favorite green-clad Hylian, Link. Players will also be able to get the Master Sword itself to wield into battle to down their foes. The hero wouldn’t be much without his favorite steed, so Epona will also be unlockable as a monstie and comes with a special kinship attack completely unique to her. The last Zelda item for Stories lets players can relive the dark and dangerous times by picking up the Majora’s mask costume for Navirou, making him even more terrifying as he talks the player’s ears off.

All the Zelda DLC will be available starting this Thursday. Check out a short preview trailer for it below!