Elite Dangerous Players Enact Protocol for First Contact

If a player of Elite Dangerous then it’s nothing new that the Thargoids are coming — even with first contact already having been made by a lucky player, this will be a true MMO event. What has been dubbed The Return update, releasing today, will see that all players will be able to experience the mysterious insectoid race titled Thargoids.

The playerbase has taken action into their hands to enact first contact protocol procedures once players begin to interact with these mysterious beings. The good news, it’s not fire first ask questions later. Anyone who’s played Elite Dangerous knows this game doesn’t mess around, it’s known for its hyper realism when it comes to flight physics and all other manner of things, first contact will probably prove no different.

The reddit post that helps guide players in what to do when first contact is made is a simple set of instructions telling them how to calmly proceed and only fire if fired upon, or just run away. The Thargoids already look terrifying from the encounter earlier in the year and pissing off an unknown isn’t the best idea. It’s advised to capture as much information as one can and to try communicating with the Thargoids (if possible.)

This is an exciting day for pilots of Elite Dangerous and one that has been building for many years as players have sussed out what/who the Thargoids could be, with the added bonus of that lucky player encountering them in what is truly awesome video game moment. Even watching the clip can give one chills. Will you be one of the many lucky pilots to make first contact, or will watching from the sidelines be good enough? Either way Elite Dangerous is about to change permanently with the new neighbors moving in.