Bethesda Releasing Survival Mode for Skyrim

While multiple releases of the Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim have become a bit of a running gag, that doesn’t mean Bethesda won’t be updating the game. While Skyrim VR is coming, Bethesda has announced a new Survival Mode to make the game feel fresh again. This difficulty will implement new means to survive in the world. Survival mode adds new hurdles such as hunger, fatigue, and cold. Players will need to think about these new aspects when staying alive in Skyrim. Hunger is countered by eating with raw meat becoming a potential risk for food poisoning and fatigue can be countered by sleeping. Braving colder areas is achieved by wearing warmer clothing. If you’re a vampire or werewolf, you can restore hunger by feeding on your victims while also getting cold much slower.

Skyrim is the closest game to living the Game of Thrones lifestyle that you dream. This will certainly draw you closer to living the most dangerous life ever. On top of the other aspects, fast travel and health regeneration are disabled. Leveling up will be accomplished through sleeping rather than in real time, while new diseases and afflictions will appear with shrines  that will require a gold offering in order to cure diseases. Lastly, your character’s carrying capacity will be reduced. This certainly ups the micro-managing aspect as this will certainly aim at the hardcore audience of the game. Survival mode is available now on Steam through  beta testing, while the mode will launch for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One next week for free. It will be available for free for one week for all players, with no pricing announced for the mode afterwards.