Elite Dangerous – Thargoids and You

Remember how yesterday an update dropped for Elite Dangerous titled The Return? Well in case it slipped by the wayside if logging into Elite Dangerous a new neighbor has moved in and they are anything but friendly. The Return has ushered in the Thargoids the mysterious alien race that has been building bases, checking out pilots and causing a general stir in the Elite community. Unfortunately, even with strict first contact protocol of scan first shoot if you must, the Thargoids aren’t that friendly.

After players began encountering the Thargoids in the ED universe any hopes of peaceful contact have been dashed with the Thargoids firing on pilots and destroying said pilots with the ease of taking candy from a baby. Look no further than this graveyard of ships when 21 players attempted to take down one Thargoid vessel getting utterly destroyed not even leaving a scratch on said Thargoid. Or look at this spine chilling clip of a player just trying to be cautious while scanning a Thargoid vessel only to have the Thargoid begin an all-out attack on their peaceful observance.

Other players are finding if they jettison certain cargo, especially escape pods filled with NPCs, the Thargoids are happy to sweep in to pick up whatever has been dropped only to warp out immediately. This phenomenon was captured by a certain pilot showing the Thargoid vessel to be terrifyingly beautiful. Another player has managed to actually break off a piece of “the damn thing” in their words, referring to a Thargoid ship, unfortunately the drone sent out was corroded immediately with a pissed off Thargoid not far behind. It’s not all bad though, in one post a player has detailed a certain engagement where no pilots were lost but the Thargoid didn’t take heat either, guess a stale mate is better than nothing, with crucial information being gleaned.

Players have already figured out some sort of underlying ARG is happening along with the Thargoids arrivel, presented in a series of numbers that look tough to crack. It’s looking like even with the Thargoid arrival players will have their work cut out for them on the mysteries the Thargoids hold and what it means for the Elite Dangerous universe. Whatever comes down the pipe, things have drastically changed and other players aren’t the only thing to watch out for in the sprawling space-sim.