Star Wars Battlefront II: Every Prequel Era Galactic Assault Map

EA and DICE have divulged details concerning every Galactic Assault Map, including those taking place during the Prequel era.

As revealed yesterday, Star Wars Battlefront II will launch with a total of 11 ground maps featuring locations pulled from all three eras. All of these maps can be played in the new Galactic Assault mode, where every map has unique objectives. Two teams of twenty players will do battle across these Star Wars locations, telling their own narrative through combat.

The Prequel era, also known as the Clone Wars, is represented with three maps in Star Wars Battlefront II. Players will fight in the Cloning Facility on the stormy planet of Kamino, the forest beaches of Kashyyyk, and the royal city of Theed on Naboo:

  • Kamino – The waves of Kamino crash beneath the slender platforms of a Cloning Facility as armies of battle droids descend on the artificial island. Their aim is simple: destroy the Republic’s ability to produce more clones. The attackers make their way through the twisting paths and laboratories, hacking computer systems and taking down defenses as they fight toward the final goal: the fusion core. Clone forces will use all their wits and skills to stop them.
  • Kashyyyk – On Kashyyyk, a Separatist army storms ashore in a thundering amphibious landing. Infantry storm up the beach escorted by flights of Vulture Droids and immense AATs. Awaiting them are Wookiee Warriors and clone troopers dug in behind Juggernaut combat vehicles to defend a grounded Star Cruiser. The invaders make their way from the waters’ edge alongside two massive MTT’s, blasting their way through Republic defenses in an effort to destroy the ship.
  • Theed – Squads of droids protect a colossal MTT as it lumbers its way toward the Royal Palace. N-1 Starfighters scream overhead and AT-RT walkers prowl the streets as Separatists and Republic forces fight for control of the city. Once the doors are breached, a close-range melee begins within the palace itself, with B2 Super Battle Droids and Clone Jumptroopers lending their firepower to the chaos.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Be sure to check out the Original Trilogy and Sequel Trilogy era Galactic Assault maps.