Dan Romer to Compose the Score for Far Cry 5

Ubisoft has revealed who is composing the score for Far Cry 5.

Dan Romer, an award-winning film composer, songwriter, and music producer is composing the score for the next entry in the Far Cry franchise. Romer has worked on the film scores for Beasts of the Southern Wild and Beasts of No Nation, and produced the Grammy-winning single, “Say Something.” With Far Cry 5, Romer will create a soundtrack capable of transporting players to the fictional Hope Count, Montana.

To do this, Romer is utilizing various Americana instruments such as banjos, fiddles, dobros, and more to create a compositions that feel authentic to the game’s various regions. In fact, each region will have specific character-centric music that ties into the motives of the Father and his Heralds.

On top of the musical composition, Romer has written a series of original hymns that are produced by Bobby Shin and performed by the Bobby Shin Nashville Choir. The hymns will mix into the existing music and reflect the inspirations of the leadership and members of the cult.

Far Cry 5 is out February 27, 2018 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Romer’s Far Cry 5 soundtrack will be released some time before the full game launches.