Four New Digital Deathclaw Pop!s Added to Quidd’s Fallout 4 Collection

Fallout 4 is still popular even since its release in 2015. However, just a couple of months ago Quidd announced Deathclaw digital Pop!s would be available to collect. Now, even more Deathclaw figures have been released to roam around the wastelands.

A few variations of the violent creatures have been added to the app. Find a black and gold Mythic Deathclaw, grey and yellow Savage Deathclaw, purple and black Deathclaw Matriarch as well as a dark red and crimson Alpha Deathclaw. They could be rare and availability is limited. Browse through trades to see if other users can offer them up.

Fans can start collecting digital versions of Funko Pop!s thanks to Quidd and check out their entire Fallout set. Check out recent Skyrim Pop!s to fill up on another of Bethesda’s popular titles.