Pyre Receives All Sorts of Goodies as a Thank You from Supergiant

Fan of Supergiant Games latest game Pyre? If that was a yes, then you should probably head on over to Pyre’s Steam page because there is a special gift waiting for you. As a way of saying thank you for the continued support of Pyre, Supergiant Games has rolled out an update and a few other goodies.

The update features a new Campaign mode, which will amp up the challenge of an already intense sports game, also enhancing successive playthroughs. Along with the update, all Supergiant games are at a discounted price through this weekend only, get them while they’re hot.

The update with discounts isn’t the only thing Supergiant is rolling out. If a fan of Pyre’s incredible soundtrack than check out the Pyre Original Soundtrack with two hours of extra music in the form of two bonus albums.

Finally, Pyre also has some sweet merchandise available with a brand-new T-Shirt and Poster designed by Supergiant’s art director, Jen Zee. This is available worldwide, Pyre is a game about community after all.

All of this sounds wonderful (some if it literally) and Pyre has turned out to be an exceptional hit for the year of 2017, which is also turning out to be amazing for games in general.