Zarya Hunts Sombra in New Overwatch Comic

The fifteenth comic to be a part of the Overwatch comic series, “Searching” tells the story of everyone’s favorite Russian tank, Zarya, and her search for the elusive Sombra.

Zarya travels the world with her new Omnic friend Lynx Seventeen. Before spoiling it anymore, you can read the whole thing right here, along with the rest of the series, which focus on different heroes in various precarious situations around the world. The last comic to come out told a story about Doomfist and Widowmaker in a comic called Masquerade.

In other Overwatch news, a new map called Junkertown was released last month, taking place in a dystopian junkyard in Australia. A bunch of changes were made to Mercy recently that change her kit pretty drastically. Be sure to check out all the changes here.