Super Miniboss Now Available For SNES Classic

If you were one of the lucky few to snag an SNES Classic today, you were probably disappointed when you saw how short the cord is for the tethered controllers. But worry not, Nyko’s got you covered with their newest item designed to improve Nintendo products, the Super Miniboss. The Super Miniboss is an ergonomic wireless controller patterned after the classic SNES controller with its classic button configuration with a true D-pad and a turbo button. Keeping in step with modern controllers the Super Miniboss features an internal rechargeable battery and dedicated power. For convenience’s sake the Super Miniboss allows the player to access the Home menu by simply holding down the turbo and select button for three seconds. From personal experience, Nyko is a dependable third party hardware/peripheral company and this may be a good option to address the limited controller range problem with the SNES Classic. The Super Miniboss is currently available from Nyko’s online store and select retailers.