The SNES Classic has Launched as Prices Inflate Due to Demand

If you were lucky enough to wait in line and grab a SNES Classic today, then you have landed this holiday’s most prestigious gift. People waited in line at Wal-marts last night to get the system at midnight, while others waited this morning. Online retailers made it extremely difficult to snag the system, as some never even posted them online. Not to mention, online tracking of the system at retailers is non-existent. As of this time, it is possible to find a slow retailer that may have some left over. A recent call to a Toys R Us outside of Dallas stated they had three tickets left after everyone has already purchased the system that was waiting. Prices online are currently going for double and triple the $79.99 retail value. Buy It Now on Ebay shows systems going for $150, while Amazon has vastly inflated its price of the system to $205. Doesn’t look like much has changed from the NES Classic launch, despite what Reggie Fils-Aime from Nintendo stated.