2K Reveals New Information about WWE 2K18’s Universe Mode

WWE 2K18 is only a couple of weeks away, and 2K is hyping it up with a reveal of this year’s Universe mode. This year’s version will recreate the broadcast experience more accurately than before, with Raw, NXT, and SmackDown Live events alongside the pay-per-views. Storylines can be expanded upon with new cutscenes and users can either design a rivalry or have it play out through the game itself. Rivalries are now categorized as active or potential rivalries. Promos against another competitor or run-ins will bring about a potential rivalry before then becoming an active rivalry. Past rivalries will also be noted and can result in a bit of long-term booking for savy players.

With the past year featuring not only a brand split, but a mid-year shakeup, the PPV calendar had to be redone alongside it. More events have been added to better feature each brand’s events – and users can fill out the calendar with custom shows. So if you want to revive WCW Saturday Night or WWE Velocity to fill up Saturdays, you can do so. The in-game rannkings have been revamped to be more like WWE’s power rankings – so someone could get a big win out of nowehere and suddenly go from the bottom or middle of the card to the top fairly quickly. Wrestlers also have in-game goals now – so the days of having someone in let’s say a tag title feud before just randomly going for a singles title are over. our time with the game at a recent 2K event didn’t involve much of the Universe mode – so we’ll be just as excited as everyone else to enjoy it when the game launches on October 17.