Bobby Roode Talks Becoming the WWE 2K18 Champion, Canadian Gamer Habits

This year marks Bobby Roode’s first appearance in a WWE game, and his second gaming appearance overall after appearing in 2008’s TNA Impact game. Bobby Roode’s WWE run has been quite a success story so far. He went from being in a middling run in TNA to leaving there to go to WWE and debuted in the crowd at an NXT Takeover event. Within a year, he went from being in the crowd to main eventing the show — and his recent run as NXT Champion was one of the best runs of his career. He has since debuted as a member of the SmackDown Live roster and has taken his “Glorious” ring introduction from a heel tactic to one that fans can rejoice in as they chant “glorious” alongside his theme music.

We were chatting a bit before recording and you said that you don’t play many games, but your kids do – what games do they enjoy playing?

[Bobby Roode] My kids are into sports, so Madden and we’re Canadian, so NHL hockey.

Gotta have that.

Yeah, it’s a Canadian rule. They’ve become big into the WWE games and get them for Christmas, so this year, the mandatory house rule is they have to play the game as their dad.

Well, you gave them life – so the least they can do is make sure they give you the WWE Title or Universal Title. Now you were in another game before and with this being your first WWE game appearance, how do you think it captures your current persona? And do you enjoy your WWE run more than anything you’ve done before.

Yeah, I’m having an amazing time and being in a game is a huge deal. The way the graphics are and to emulate my entrance and the song, it’s really cool to sit back and see that.

Have you had a chance to play as yourself?

Yeah, I was going to have a chance to play as Tyler Breeze, but we ran out of time. But it’s just like going to SmackDown and have the entrance in WrestleMania.

Now you’re in the game as NXT Champion, are you going to make yourself WWE Champion?

If I can win a match! I struggle with the games, but I’ll get some practice with the kids.

Yeah, play the tutorial – it explains things well. Now as a kid, did you play and you were a lapsed fan or was it something you weren’t into?

I played a bit — my go-to was Blades of Steel, which dates me a bit.

That was an outstanding game.

It was a great game and a hockey game, so being Canadian, I enjoyed it.

As an American who didn’t even enjoy hockey, I enjoyed it. How long have you been playing the WWE games?

Since 2K took it over, and we enjoy the Maddens and NHLs.