Hello Neighbor Receiving Funko Pop! Figures

It’s not very often we see independent titles receive merchandise. However, Funko has been on top of things lately with the recent reveal of Cuphead figures and now Hello Neighbor receives the Pop! treatment. Funko announced today there will be several different versions of the neighbor character to collect.

Being a good neighbor can be an easy thing to do but not if they’re a crazed killer! In Dynamic Pixels’ upcoming title, you have to find a way to avoid getting caught while creeping around their home. There are various exclusive Pop!s coming and each one features the character holding something different. The regular one has a shovel with crow on top. GameStop gets an ax and rope. Walmart will have one depicting cookies and milk as well as another of him holding glue bottles. FYE stores are getting an apron-wearing, cleaver-wielding Neighbor. Barnes & Noble also receive two; one is in grey scale color with red blood stains and the other is a Halloween-themed glowing pumpkinhead outfit.

Hello Neighbor is set to release in December and certainly be a frightening and suspenseful game. You will be able to find the Pop!s in the same month just in time to enjoy everything Hello Neighbor has to offer. Check out all the images below for a closer look!