Lots of Additional Content Will Be Available on The Sims 4 Console Edition

In a recent blog post The Sims 4 announced that along with the PS4 and Xbox One editions coming November 17 it will also be rolling out some additional DLC. What’s a Sims life without sprucing up the living situation a bit? This will include three of the games already available DLC on PC and be out the same day as The Sims 4 that way there’s no waiting around to live in style or find that perfect dream job.

The first DLC will be The Sims 4 Perfect Patio Stuff Pack allowing all outdoor needs to be met. Whether it’s grilling with other Sims in the neighborhood or lounging about in fashionable casual clothing, the patio pack has it covered.

The next bit of DLC The Sims 4 Vintage Glamour Stuff Pack allows Sims to enjoy their refined taste with that classic feel. This ranges from furniture like the all new Vanity Table, 16th Century Monte Vista Globe Bar and even a classy gold Giraffe lamp. The pack also comes with a Sims Butler NPC meaning more downtime for your Sims, don’t worry like any great Butler they’ll have certain quirks to discover along the way.

Sometimes being a movie monster is all a Sim wants to do, and with The Sims 4 Vampire Game Pack your Sims can become their fantasy. This comes with all the perks of being a Vampire from just plain vampire power to becoming immortal. The Vampire Game Pack also comes with the new Forgotten Hollow; where night time seems to last unusually longer than other worlds. This comes with all sorts of spooky outfits and accessories appropriate for any Vampire. Sims will also be able to unlock unique powers that give Vampire Sims many supernatural abilities.

Finally, The Sims 4 City Living Expansion Pack allowing Sims to get away from the quite suburban life and take to the streets of San Myshuno where Sims can try out new careers, enjoy local festivals and find an adorable apartment or classy penthouse.

Besides all of these coming out on the same day as The Sims 4 Console Edition all of these packs will be available in one easy to purchase digital bundle on November 17. Stick around for more information on anything Sims as it gets ready to make its way over to consoles.