La Forge a Path in Star Trek Online’s Latest Episode

The previously announced season for Cryptic Studio’s Star Trek Online is now available for PC players. This one is kind of a big deal. The main draw for Episode 14 – Emergence is none other than LaVar Burton returning to his role as Geordi La Forge. Players meet up with the legendary character on the new Lukari-Kentari home planet, only to themselves at the wrong end of a Tzenkethi invasion. This episode alone promises to be a good time, but there is more to this latest update:

  • New Featured Episode – In the new episode “Melting Pot,” players beam down to the new Lukari-Kentari home planet to meet with Captain Kuumaarke and Captain Geordi La Forge. Things escalate quickly when Tzenkethi forces show up unexpectedly.

  • New Fleet Holding – Players can now build a full-scale Fleet Holding on the joint colony that the Lukari and Kentari call home. This is the first Holding since Starbases to feature five full tiers of progression with rewards and the largest Fleet Holding location ever for players to explore.

  • New Primary Specialization and Bridge Officer Class – Following in the footsteps of Geordi La Forge, the new Miracle Worker Primary Specialization allows captains to excel in engineering abilities, such as weapon enhancement and healing. They can also train their bridge officers to do the same.

  • Colony Defense Event – Fleets can summon holographic foes as they train to defend their colony world and earn rewards for themselves and to progress their new Fleet Holding.

  • Fleet Holding Defense Queues – The new colony world is home to two defense queues against Tzenkethi forces – one on ground and one in space.

  • Tzenkethi Red Alert – Captains can team up to destroy the Tzenkethi in this space-based, 5-player queue held in the Alpha Quadrant.

While this update has launched for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will need to wait a few months. Rest assured, though, it is coming.