Pokémon the Movie: I Choose You! Releases Full Theatrical Trailer

The journey for Ash Ketchum and Pikachu is one fans have known for decades. Now, everything we became familiar with is about to change! Pokémon the Move: I Choose You! takes the duo on a brand new adventure by resetting the timeline. The full theatrical trailer has been released so let’s check out what the new beginnings have to offer.

Ash is late to arrive at Professor Oak’s lab where he receives a very stubborn Pikachu as his first partner. They form a bond after a vicious Spearow attack and become best friends. Afterwards, the legendary Ho-oh appears above them and drops a special gift. Ash is determined to discover the meaning behind the Rainbow Wing and sets out to find answers. Along the way team members will be met, other friends join his journey and even a mysterious new Pokémon emerges from the shadows.

Visit Fathom Events to find out where and when you can see the film. Those who attend will receive a rare Pokémon trading card and QR code to unlock a special Pikachu in the upcoming Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon games. Check out the video below for all the action!