Roguelike Dungeon Crawler Tangledeep Charts a Path to Nintendo Switch

Tangledeep is a recent RPG dungeon crawler with its fair share of roguelike elements. It first hit Steam via Early Access earlier this year and has gained a “very positive” review ranking of 90% so far.

This game distances itself from other recent dungeon crawlers in a variety of ways, though  the most immediately apparent is its lovely pixel art that hearkens back to the 16-bit era. There’s even an authentic SNES-caliber soundtrack (or an orchestrated one, if you prefer). Tangledeep’s polish is likely one reason that Nintendo will soon be welcoming it onto the Switch.

Expect to play Tangledeep on Switch sometime in 2018. For now, the Early Access release just gained a “monster corral” feature today. It allows players to capture and raise monsters in a special corral.