Another Pokémon Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon Trailer Shows Off New Ultra Beast and More

Just last night we received a Japanese trailer chock full of interesting footage. Today, yet another new video has been published. This time there are even more crazy things to learn!

We caught a glimpse at being able to ride Solgaleo and Lunala which looks like you must use them to avoid certain obstacles when traveling through a wormhole. You will discover a new city, Megalopolis, which happens to have had its light stolen by Necrozma. This must where the Ultra Recon Squad come from as we got to take a closer look at them. Ultra Beasts don’t seem as threatening in some aspects but still extremely dangerous. Battle them on their home turf. We also see a new Ultra Beast, UB Sticky, and learn it and some other’s types. Sticky is Poison, Burst is Fire/Ghost-type and UB Assembly is Rock/Steel.

Two trailers in just two days is pretty helpful for delivering information to fans. Ultra Sun and Ultra Moon release next month, so we could get more details soon. Check out the English and Japanese footage below to learn about what’s to come.