New Weapons, Spacehip, Missions in First EverSpace Expansion Trailer

As a rule space is a big black void, with the stars pinpricks of light that serve to accentuate just how much Nothing there is.  Actual matter takes up a negligible amount of area in the universe, and it only seems like a lot because that’s the part we focus on.  EverSpace doesn’t care in the slightest about this, and its randomly-generated spacescapes are packed full of asteroids, planets, space stations, mining encampments, and plenty of dust to refract the light from stars through beautiful massive clouds of delicate color.  Which you then get to blow up hostile enemy ships while flying through, because cosmic grandeur is always improved by explosions.  Now it can be improved by electricity and goo-guns too thanks to the new expansion that was just announced today- EverSpace Encounters.

EverSpace Encounters is the first major expansion for the roguelike arcade-action space explore & shoot (no compact genre name for a game that’s the only one doing what it does), integrating what’s estimated to be about ten hours of new content into the game.  Due to the randomized nature you’ll need a little luck to find some of the story-based content, like new characters, missions, and even the Okkar homeworld, but the new ship and its electric laser arsenal will be ready to go and it shouldn’t take too much poking around to find the factory stations offering helpful services for a price.  The real universe is an endless expanse of blackness but the EverSpace one is significantly prettier, and for those picking up the DLC it’s also now going to get noticeably busier, too.

The PC version of Everspace Encounters is coming out at the end of October, but due to an engine update the Xbox One will is currently scheduled to see it show up early February.