Nintendo Looking to Up Switch Production to Two Million Per Month

Nintendo seem to be at least responding to the very clear consumer demand for the Switch by increasing production of their latest console to two million per month. DigiTimes claim that sources within the supply chain say that the company are looking to hit their annual shipment target of 20 million units this year though may have trouble getting a hold of the required parts and components — one of the reasons behind the recent shortages in consoles. The increase in production may also be down to the fact that the console will also be going on sale in China early next year. The country has only recently lifted the ban on the selling of consoles with Nintendo’s main competitors in both Microsoft and Sony having already released their own consoles in the country.

Nintendo had previously stated that they were ready to “ramp up” production of the console should the need arise and from the looks of things already this year, very few would doubt the supposed “need” is very much there. We’ll have to see if Nintendo can indeed meet the likely high demand during the coming Holiday period, both in hardware and indeed first-party software.