Atari’s Goon Squad is Now Available

It has been quite some time since we last heard from Atari and On5. While it missed its initial launch window, we’re finally able to check out Goon Squad. Back in March we got to have a closer look at the game, a strategy card battler based on various aspects from the mob. It’s got a unique twist that is sure to attract various fans of the genre.

In Goon Squad, players will have different characters, items and more to lay down in a sort of tower defense-style. Face off against players one-on-one, a four way free-for-all or team up for some two-against-two. You get a pretty fun bunch of cards to make up an interesting world. Then, you can try and win even more goodies from in-game events.

Strategize to find the best way of going from goon to godfather and control your criminal empire. The game is available on iOS and Android for free! See the launch trailer below for a taste of the action and all the money and glory you can imagine.