Destiny 2 Gears Up for Iron Banner and Bigger Badder Raid

Over at Bungie this week they are getting ready to launch the much-anticipated Iron Banner, the competitive multiplayer event that once a month made its way around to Destiny. There are a few changes coming to the Destiny 2 Iron Banner, but announcements don’t stop there with Bungie also getting Guardians ready for the Prestige Level Leviathan Raid.

The Iron Banner will begin October 10, 2AM Pacific going the full week until October 17, 2AM Pacific. Lord Saladin will be awaiting brave Guardians to take up his challenge at the Tower for the glory of competing in the Iron Banner. Per usual the teams will be split with Destiny 2’s PvP in mind with two teams of four going toe-to-toe. The most notable difference is instead of Guardians power level factoring into fighting ability it will be a true test of player skill, which should even things up. Bounties and Ranks have been replaced with Iron Banner Engrams which will work like other Engrams rewarded already. Needless to say the armor looks pretty sweet.

Then there is the ultimate challenge for PvE, the new Prestige mode for the Leviathan Raid which is already challenging enough on its own. Prestige arrives next Tuesday at 10am Pacific after the weekly reset. Bungie has said they don’t expect everyone to complete this, even with minimal changes the changes are there. Enemies are tougher, smarter and the sandbox is more challenging. There won’t be a boon for character progression but unique rewards to make Guardians shine, showing off who is the best of the best.

Whatever your preferred mode of play there is something for everyone Guardian next week, so gear up and get ready Destiny 2 is getting a bit more challenging.