EVE Fanfest Going Worldwide in 2019

In a packed room in during the opening of the sold out EVE Vegas 2017 event, CCP has announced that some plans to bring its annual Fanfest to the people in 2019. These things are incredibly popular with the EVE Online crowd, considering that the first round of tickets for the 2018 edition in Iceland sold out before they even made the planned announcement that they were available. The team there also knows that not everybody can travel to Iceland.

In 2019, things will be a bit different. The annual EVE Vegas and EVE Iceland events will still be happening, with the Iceland trip being later in the year. “Because it’s cold in April in Iceland” was the official explanation for that decision. Another US Fanfest will be taking place in an undecided east coast city that year, as well. Folks down under will be getting their own Fanfest, as the first official event will be taking place. Finally, Amsterdam’s EVEsterdam event will be going official with CCP making a larger impact on the event so that they can meet their fans from other regions up close.

One thing that they want to impress upon their fans, as well as the numerous player created gatherings that take place all over the world, is that they want the events to feel like a second home, welcoming and inviting to all. As such, people who have gone to EVEsterdam in the past won’t have their world rocked by CCP making drastic changes to their favorite vacation. Instead, they want to be present in an official capacity and participate, holding roundtables and talks for all. It’s a pretty classy move to work so hard to make themselves available to the people who play their games. Considering that the narrative gets built by those same players, it’s also incredibly important.