Pokémon Trading Card Shining Legends Expansion Now Available

The world of Pokémon is a diverse place. There are creatures with gender differences, regional variations and more. Now, this new pack of trading cards includes one such attribute in the form of Shining! First they were found in the video games, then some made their way to cards and now a new wave can be yours.

The Shining Legends set is pretty self-explanatory. There are Legendary Pokémon cards and if they show off an abnormal color that means it’s Shining. Some of the examples you can find are Genesect, Mew and Jirachi. Just because they look cool doesn’t they won’t come in handy during battles! There are even some non-shining ones and other Legends you can find. Mewtwo-GX and Raichu-GX come ready to deal massive damage.

Hunt down Shining Legends booster packs or the Elite Trainer Box now! Check out the promotional video below just for a sneak peek at the kind of action you’re in for!