Spooky Splatoon 2 Splatfest Begins on Friday the 13th

October is time for some spooky happenings and Splatoon 2 is going into the spirit. We already learned what some other regions are doing for their Splatfest but North America taps into the Halloween season. Team Vampire will face off against Team Werewolf in a classic battle between horror icons.

Take a bite out of the competition on Team Vampire because those werewolves are all bark. Hey, don’t let those vapid vampires push you around get some pack mentality going as Team Werewolf. No matter which side you choose, the competition is going to be scratching, clawing, screeching and howling its way to the end.

Nintendo has chosen a pretty fitting day for the Splatfest to take place too. Friday, October 13 at 9PM PT is when these two teams begin duking it out. Equip yourselves with silver ink or garlic bombs (if only there was such a thing) to give yourself the advantage!