Who Can Marvel Fight Next in Video Games?

Marvel Comics has been a staple of entertainment for decades. The company has created many of our favorite comic book superheroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America and many others. In the years since, there have been numerous adaptations for film, television, cartoons and of course video games. The amount of characters and unique abilities makes them fun to play as. In a particular game series, players team up with another long-standing franchise in Capcom to duke it out with one another. Marvel vs. Capcom has been quite popular with fighting game enthusiasts and with the release of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinitefans will get to check out all kinds of new additions. But who else can the cast of heroes and villains face? We’ve come up with a list of characters or games that we would love to see duke it out. It’s all for fun, so ignore any legal battles that could ensue, though Phoenix Wright vs. Matthew Murdock would be so cool!

Marvel vs. DC

Of course this had to be the first choice! Why wouldn’t it be? Marvel and DC are the biggest names in comics with a rivalry that has been going on for decades. The two companies have similar heroes and villains, some of which are pretty much copied from one another. Either way, it would be great to see opposing brands butting heads in video game form. Thanks to the Injustice series we’ve gotten to see how DC’s Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Joker and others would fair in a fighting game. Put them up against the likes of Iron Man, Captain America, Jean Grey and Magneto to see which side emerges victorious. They have appeared in crossover comic book issues but it’s just not the same as getting able to to beat down the Hulk as Robin. Perhaps a rift in alternate dimensions and timelines causes the two universes to become one. A storyline could involve good guys coming together to defeat a dangerous combination of villains. No matter what, as long as the action and combat is finely tuned then everything else is icing, courtesy of Ice Man and Captain Cold.

Marvel vs. Mortal Kombat

Perhaps it was a given that this entry would appear on the list. Mortal Kombat revitalized the fighting genre, especially for home consoles, back in the day. Of course it was embroiled in controversy but it’s pretty much been water under the bridge now. Mortal Kombat X released just a couple of years ago allowing fans to absolutely destroy opponents by dismantling, incinerating and so on. Wouldn’t it be great to see the characters from that series face various Marvel heroes and villains? A storyline could obviously include competing in tournaments. Marvel characters would need to find a way to free themselves from the competition and return home, similar to the one above but it’s going to have a lot more violence involved! Give them all some awesome finishing maneuvers to completely annihilate each other. Hulk would literally rip someone in half. Thor could pummel and electrocute at the same time. Cyclops would burn a hole clean through anyone. Obviously coming up with these means the game would take a mature rating but it’s okay, fans would definitely be in favor to see some carnage from Carnage!

Marvel vs. Soulcalibur

If you’re looking for a caliber cast of characters to fight against Marvel, why not have Soulcalibur give it a try? This fighting game series has been around for quite some time. It’s been known to feature various guest characters throughout its iterations and this idea could either continue the trend or up the ante further! One option is to mash them together in one big weird battle. Soulcalibur competitors could be outmatched against mutants as they sort of depend on weapons but there’s some other freaky attacks to pull-off, so it wouldn’t be a complete bust. There could even be Marvel-themed swords and axes which could be cool. Even giving Wolverine serrated claws or Elektra using flaming sai is still part of the theme. Then, the other way to go about it is to just include one or two characters into different versions of the game. Ivy can whip Daredevil around while Mitsurugi swings his sword at Thor wielding Mjolnir. There are so many to choose from but plenty of popular options for PS4, Xbox One, Switch and even PC if they want! It’ll definitely take some configurations to decide on what happens with Soulcalibur but the thought is fun. Either an all-out war or just cameos would be great either way!

Marvel vs. J-Star Victory

Japan is home to some great manga, anime and video games. They’ve got their own success going but that doesn’t mean Marvel can’t make an appearance. In fact, X-Men and other characters have found huge success there. So, why not combine the two into a truly dynamic title? Shonen Jump’s J-Star Victory VS game was a great idea and included many popular choices. Now it’s time to up the ante. We’ve all wanted to see Goku fight various superheroes, so now is his chance. Naruto and Deadpool can clash, JoJo goes toe-to-toe with Mojo and Luffy tussles with Mr. Fantastic. Plenty of wacky antics would ensue no matter the combination. Coming up with a storyline would be a challenge but leave it up to a crack team of comic book and manga writers. There are always huge fights and arcs occurring throughout the issues which can help build to an epic conflict. Many fans have grown up enjoying both sides. Marvel and Shonen Jump characters are favorites for plenty of audiences. Whether the traditional side view or in a 360 degree area, the matches will have impacting results!

Marvel vs. Other Comics

Comic books have been around for decades. Fans of all ages enjoy caped crusaders, good triumphing evil and getting to learn more about humanity in the process. They’ve been sources of entertainment and quite the learning tool. Because of this there are literally thousands of great characters. Marvel heroes and villains have showed up in many video games which is why they can share the spotlight with some lesser known characters. Perhaps those who prefer Dark Horse and Dynamite would like to see characters take on Marvel’s finest. It could be a sort of all-star cast of the best from smaller companies and creators against the giant corporation. Hellboy, Red Sonja, Valerian and so many more can get involved. Throw in the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Spawn for good measure. Heck, perhaps manga characters can sneak in but that might be opening up a can of worms! It can take the tagging system found in Marvel vs. Capcom and some up with all kinds of super attacks. Either way, everyone has the potential to put up a fight against Marvel and it would be a massive hit. Awesome action and interesting storylines are a given. Archie is even invited, why he’s practically pals with the Punisher!

This list has tons of potential for Marvel to take on all kinds of opponents or team up with them. Sure some are completely weird, random, or don’t fit, but anything is possible when it comes to comic book characters! Maybe it’s not something you’re a fan of, so comment in the section below with some of your choices and create your own epic crossovers.