Screenshot Saturday Featuring The Good Life, Yearn, Many More

There’s very little better way to end a week than Screenshot Saturday. Each week sees developers post their newest work using the Twitter hashtag to group it all under one massive collection of content. Old games, new games, untitled games, weird little pieces of things that might become a game, all clustered together one after another by the hundreds. There’s a ton of stuff to see and this feature pulls a dozen-ish images from there based on no particular criteria beyond visual interest.  Every week is a huge week, and the number of still shots gets smaller as time goes by, so make sure to let all these images move as intended for the best effect.

The Good Life- Become a cat (or dog) at night with the rest of the citizens of the small English village of Rainy Woods. A photographer starts an investigation into the town’s many mysteries, paying off her debt as she settles into a life that’s very different from what she knew before. The Fig campaign is wrapping up soon and could use a little help.

Spaghetti Standoff- Falls squarely into the “Not a Lot of Info” category, with every detail available being contained in a single tweet. But it involves twitchy cowboys gunning each other down over the poker table, so that’s a good start.

Scoundrel- Hide like the sneaky thief you are and rob the rich blind. That guard is nothing but trouble because he’s bigger, meaner, and there’s not a hint of combat to be had. Get caught and your thief is gone, with the mission failed and a new character generated to try a new caper with.

Little Comet- The cutest little star zips around friendly planets on a quest to land in the wormhole. While on the one hand there’s a notable lack astronomically accurate science, on the other- D’awwww….!

SHMUP Creator- Exactly as the name describes, this isn’t so much a game as it is a tool for making games. In addition to creating insane patterns that would require some kind of bullet-canceling mechanic to get through, you can also place 2D or 3D scenery, change the viewing angle from vertical to horizontal or even isometric, guild free-roam levels, etc.

Lonely Mountains: Downhill- Grab your bike and hit the low-poly trails of a near-pristine mountain, tearing down the path from peak to base. Go full speed, take a bit to explore and find hidden trails, or just amble down the slopes taking in the quiet, peaceful wilderness.

Yearn- Roguelike action where mere weapons are useless, because who needs to swing a sword when you can pop the earth up underneath an enemy and send them flying. It’s a top-down view so the camera doesn’t swing to show the critters disappearing into the stratosphere, but you can practically hear the *ping!* of them turning into a star.

Guts and Glory- Drive through an obstacle course that wants to kill you in as gory a fashion as possible. Sometimes there are people amidst the saw blades, crossbows, and mines that make the drive so difficult, but they’re a bit fragile. There’s no bonus points for driving through them but really, why wouldn’t you?

Flynn: Son of Crimson- If legends are to be believed, the world would never need saving if it was populated exclusively by orphans due to the odds of an army of them being the chosen ones. Flynn is chasing down his past while learning about his Crimson powers, which give him mastery of a number of energy weapons to use in a wonderfully detailed and animated pixel-art action platformer.

Firewing: Fall of Icarus- VR fly & shoot that looks pleasantly arcade-y. Take out the defenses, avoid air support, then then rain death from the skies on the main target. Space objectives don’t have skies to rain death from, but the basics are roughly the same. At the moment this is mobile-only but seems a prime candidate for a nice PC version.

Noita- Action roguelike where every pixel can get its own physics effect, as evidenced by the green water-slime stopped by the feet of whoever it is that got knocked over by the giant green spider-blob. Also, giant green spider-blob!

High Hell- High-speed fast-action FPS carnage. Kick down doors, blast the goons, set piles of cash on fire, and let the corporation know that they aren’t appreciated. With a 2-hour campaign the game is designed for replay, with secrets and shortcuts designed to improve the route for the best speedrun possible.

Neon Chrome- Twin-stick action making the journey to Switch. Shoot baddies, blow through walls, and level up your character permanently between missions and temporarily during. Basically a hyper-violent arcade cyberpunk roguelike shooter.

Racing Apex- Just in case it wasn’t obvious where Racing Apex’s inspirations lie, this should make it about as clear as possible.

Raybeem-  Combination VR music visualizer and toy.  Plug in a few tunes, strap in the headset, pick a scene, and chill to the tunes.  Every scene has a few interactive elements but the point is to kick back and relax rather than conduct a lightshow.

Unnamed-  Not so much a game as a controller made from doorstop springs.  While I can’t really say how it’s used I do know it not only lights up nicely, it also makes the best sound when the springs are wobbled.

Bonus Image

XBLIG- Such a great service if you didn’t mind leafing through the shovelware. Action Arcade Wrestling has the Chikara version coming up soon-ish, Miner Dig Deep scratched that mining itch years before Steamworld Dig, I Made a Game with Zombies In It got Ska Studios way more attention than such a silly one-off would normally justify, One Finger Death Punch is still showing up on new consoles today, and I pop out the PC version of Beat Hazard (peeking in off the edge of the picture) every now and then to this day. A huge number of developers still running strong today got their start on XBLIG, and while its time is long over it did great work while it lasted.