Darth Vader Returns With a Vengeance in Star Wars Battlefront II

EA and DICE have released the first details about how Darth Vader will play in Star Wars Battlefront II.

Han Solo, Rey, Darth Maul, and Boba Fett were all playable in the Star Wars Battlefront II open beta, but there are still ten other Heroes we have yet to see. This includes the masked menace himself, Darth Vader. A returning character from the first game, anyone who has played Darth Vader in the 2015 game should have no trouble playing as him in Star Wars Battlefront II.

EA have gone live with a new Heroes page on the official Star Wars Battlefront II website, which includes new info on the Sith Lord. Like the first game, Darth Vader walks slowly towards his opponent. However, what he lacks in speed he makes up for in pure power. Swings from Darth Vader’s lightsaber cut enemies apart, and his force abilities make him a menace at longer ranges. The footage at the link also gives us our first look at the Death Star II and Jakku maps. Here are all of Vader’s abilities:

  • Focused Rage: Darth Vader deals more damage and can absorb more punishment.
  • Saber Throw: Vader hurls his lightsaber at enemies.
  • Force Choke: Vader uses his iconic Force choke to lift, damage, and drop enemies.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The game will have a total of fourteen heroes at launch.