Pokémon Trading Card Game Gets Huge Premium Trainer’s XY Collection

The Pokémon XY series may be a bit outdated now that Sun and Moon have been released. However, it doesn’t mean generation VI is finished yet! A new set of trading cards are coming soon and it is one of the biggest collections to date.

The Premium Trainer’s XY Collection comes with many goodies and cards to check out. You receive full-art cards of Shaymin-EX, Yveltal-EX, Jirachi, N and more. Two booster packs from the series are included. A metal Pikachu coin and tournament dice sets will have you ready for the competition. There is a double deck box with images of Xernas and Yveltal along with matching card sleeves. The entire package even includes a kickstand piece to keep it on display. Of course, with all TCG items, a digital code is added for players of the online game to use some of the same cards to play against opponents around the world.

Everyone can get their hands on the XY Collection at independent retail location who are hosting Sun and Moon—Crimson Invasion Pre-release tournaments on October 20. Then, it will be for sale in the Pokémon Center and other stores starting November 17. Visit the official website to learn even more on this big announcement.