Star Wars Battlefront II Open Beta Extended

EA and DICE have extended the playtime for the Star Wars Battlefront II beta.

Haven’t got your fill of Star Wars Battlefront II? Still wanting to play as Rey or Darth Maul? Well, EA and DICE have you covered for a few extra days. Though the beta was supposed to tend yesterday, October 9, the developer and publisher have opted to extend the beta a couple of extra days. There aren’t any new modes, maps, weapons, or heroes to try out, but it does provide some extra play time for those who want to take advantage of it.

The beta will now end Thursday, October 12 at 3:00am AEDT. Until then, you’ll be able to hop into Galactic Assault on Theed, Starfighter Assault over Fondor, and Strike on Takodana. There are even a few Arcade challenges to try out if you’d rather play solo.

Star Wars Battlefront II is out November 17 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. All those who participate in the open beta will receive a ‘Founders Crate’ in the full game.