The Nineties Craze That Were Tamagotchis Are Coming Back

If you grew up in the nineties, there’s no doubt that you came into possession of (or at least knew someone who had) a Tamagotchi. The miniaturised monochromatic LCD device — that often contained a pet or animal to raise and look after — celebrates its 20th anniversary in the US next month and to celebrate, Bandai are manufacturing a new line of the gadget with all but its slightly smaller size retaining the exact same look and feel of two decades prior.

The abode of many a virtual pet (and just as many frustrations at having forgotten to feed it or finding it’d decided to run away, thus providing an unofficial “game over” of sorts), the Tamagotchi has proven to be a global success with more than 80 million devices sold since its original launch. It’s unclear whether the new series of devices will be sold outside of the States, but for those of you who want to salvage another slice of nostalgia, they will go on sale for $15 and can be pre-ordered at any major retailer starting today.