Oculus Rift Gets Permanent Price Drop

A few months ago, the Oculus Rift and Oculus Controller received a limited discount at $399 for the bundle. Now, this price returns and it is staying put. “This new permanent price opens up PC VR to the widest audience yet. And more people in VR means more people to play, connect, and share with, whether you’re diving into groundbreaking new first-person shooters like Arktika.1 or exploring the depths of space in the award-winning Echo franchise,” Oculus stated.

This puts the price not only being more affordable an on par with the PlayStation VR, but $200 cheaper than the HTC Vive. The bundle consists of the headset , two Touch motion controllers, two sensors, and six free apps. Does this mean that Oculus might be announcing its next set soon? The price cut is available now via the Oculus site, and it should be reflected on retailers soon, if not already.