Splatoon 2 Version 1.4.0 Available for Update

Splatoon 2 fans are still going strong in the battle over turf. However, upon firing up the game there will be a prompt for an update. It’s only been about month since the last big Splatoon 2 version to be released but we’re already getting tons of big changes.

There are far too many to list here but some important things have been corrected. There have been changes to how the rank scores are calculated. Damage done to a targets in the training area has been fixed for some Rollers and Brellas. Under specific conditions there would not be a benefit to stacking Ink Resistance, this has since been worked on. Of course various weapons have received boosts and nerfs for both Salmon Run and regular matches. Finally, bugs and glitches found at different maps have been patched up.

The 1.4.0 version update comes just days before the next Splatfest, so players should take a bit of time to re-familiarize themselves with everything. Read the entire listing of fixes for Splatoon 2 on the official website.