Nyko Releases New Nintendo Switch Accessories

Having an adequate power supply can be a concern with portable consoles, and Nyko has released two new products that address this with the Nintendo Switch. The Boost Pak attaches to the bottom of the Switch and provides power to the console after the internal battery runs out. The Boost Pak can be charged through a USB Type-C cable or remain attached to the Switch be charged in the docking station. For those that enjoying traveling with the Switch but prefer playing it hooked up to a TV there is the Portable Docking Kit. This essentially serves the same function as the docking station that comes with the Switch but in a smaller, more compact design that is ideal for travel. The Portable Docking Kit includes an HDMI cable, two USB 2.0 ports and one USB 3.0 port and can be used to charge the Switch in addition to connecting it to a TV.