The Good Life’s Fig Campaign Set to Fail, but Fans Needn’t Fret Just Yet

The Fig campaign for SWERY’s newest game, The Good Life, will time out at the end of the day today. At present it’s only managed to raise just over $500,000 of its $1.5 million goal. SWERY released a statement to the game’s supporters today to address the campaign’s impending failure and describe his team’s plan for the project’s future.

In regard to why the campaign failed, it seems SWERY felt that poor communication on their part was the biggest factor. In his opinion, it all started with an early leak of the game’s concept design and title. He believes it gave people the wrong impression of what the game was going to be, an impression that was only made worse by what he feels was a confusing concept trailer. Among the other reasons he listed were not properly detailing his studio’s partnership with G-Rounding and poorly explained extras for the game’s Fig backers.

Moving forward, SWERY plans to relaunch The Good Life’s crowdfunding campaign through Kickstarter sometime before the end of 2017. He states that the new campaign will do a better job of communicating what the game is. It will also include a new trailer, a lower goal due to new soon-to-be-announced partners and the option of physical editions through Limited Run. SWERY ended the statement by reassuring the games supporters, stating that they won’t stop fighting until they get The Good Life into the hands of their fans.